Short Stories

Dead Women Philadelphia Stories Fall 2020
Where Did You Sleep Last Night? december magazine Fall 2020 (forthcoming)
You Scamper The Citron Review, Summer 2020
Slug Thin Air Magazine, Spring 2019
Water winner of the Big Sky, Small Prose fiction contest at CutBank, July 2018
Tusk Day One, May 2017
Tusk Kindle Single, May 2017
Anderson’s Light Saw Palm, Spring 2013


Motherhood, or the Carolina Wren Another Chicago Magazine, May 2020
DK: We Meet Again Machines for Freedom, July 2019
Biking to the End of the World Machines for Freedom, May 2019
My Patron Saints of Cycling Machines for Freedom, March 2019
We Cast a Shadow: In Maurice Ruffin’s future New Orleans, racism is worse Nola.com, February 2019
Rolling on the Gravel Nola.com | The Times-Picayune, June 2018
Meet Kristi Mohn of ‘200 Women Riding 200 Miles’ Pretty Damned Fast
‘Cajun Night Before Christmas’: The story behind the storybook Nola.com|Times-Picayune, December 2017
The few, the proud — the Cajun Navy Nola.com|Times-Picayune, December 2017
When ‘Save Our Lake’ became a New Orleans rallying cry Nola.com|Times-Picayune, November 2017
Trailblazed: How the Tammany Trace came to be Nola.com|Times-Picayune, October 2017
A love song to Werlein’s, the beloved New Orleans music store Nola.com|Times-Picayune, October 2017
What is ‘Schwegmann’s style,’ anyway? Well, it started in 1949… Nola.com|Times-Picayune, August 2017
Welcome to America: Louisiana’s bumpy path to statehood Nola.com|Times-Picayune, July 2017
Medical breakthrough: Remembering Flint-Goodridge Hospital Nola.com|Times-Picayune, July 2017
A ‘Eureka’ moment: How Andrew Higgins landed himself on the U.S. Navy’s radar Nola.com|Times-Picayune, June 2017
The 1884 Cotton Expo and New Orleans’ first case of World’s Fair fever Nola.com|Times-Picayune, May 2017
How the brown pelican came back from the brink of extinction Nola.com|Times-Picayune, May 2017
The day New Orleans burned. Again. Nola.com|Times-Picayune, May 2017
1862: The first cup at Cafe Du Monde Nola.com|Times-Picayune, March 2017
Remembering New Orleans’ fling with Pontchartrain Beach Nola.com|Times-Picayune, March 2017
How the Crescent City got connected Nola.com|Times-Picayune, March 2017
On Toilets Midway Journal, October 2014


2nd Place, Philadelphia Stories Marguerite McGlinn Fiction Contest 2020
Winner, SCMLA Short Story Prize 2019
Finalist, Adrift Short Story Contest 2019
Finalist, Black Lawrence Press: Hudson Prize for Short Story Collections 2019
Winner, CutBank’s Big Sky, Small Prose Contest 2018
Winner, SCMLA Short Story Prize 2018
Finalist, Tennessee Williams Literary Festival Fiction Contest 2016
Workshop Member, Tin House Summer Workshop 2016
Travel Grant, South Central Modern Language Association Annual Conference 2014
Runner-up, Kullman Award for Creative Writing, Southern Writers Southern Writing Conference 2012
Finalist, Glimmer Train’s Fiction Open 2012


Sugar Is a Drug Zine
A Critique of the President’s BHM Remarks

Book Reviews on Friends of Atticus

The Lightning That Strikes the Neighbors’ House by Nick Lantz
Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward
Oxford American: The Music of Tennessee
Just Kids by Patti Smith
Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It by Maile Meloy
My People’s Waltz by Dale Ray Phillips


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