This is the year of writing and riding. I spent the spring training for an insane cycling event, called Dirty Kanza. I won a writing contest. But, while all that work was happeningI didn’t realize the culmination.

It took months of work to reach a final product, whether it was riding 161 miles of gravel or seeing my writing in print. And while I was working, I wasn’t necessarily thinking about the end goal. In fact, a lot of that time I felt bad about myself for not doing more. For not being enough. For not being successful.

And yet, here it is, June 2018. I have ridden my bike 2,743 miles this year. Let’s say about 400 of those miles are gravel.

I have written quite a bit, mostly in short punchy intervals. And now those things are out there, for people to see. I’m getting paid for some of those things. That’s pretty damn cool.

Here are some things to read:

Rolling on the Gravel – Nola.com | The Times-Picayune

Meet Kristi Mohn of “200 Women Riding 200 Miles” – Pretty Damned Fast

Water – CutBank Journal (coming soon!)

By alliem

Read. Write. Travel. Learn. Teach. Repeat.

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